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Ken | כן

“Ken | כן” is a full-length interdisciplinary solo dance piece that deals with a reality of chaos and the sovereignty for alternatives of existence raising from it. Corresponding with the current hyper conflicted reality, Goshen engages with events of extreme disruption, on a personal, national, international and global level. Action by action she learns the physicality of the forces’ collision of ruins and survivability. She welcomes chaos as a pattern of evolution rather than repetition. Can History, for once, NOT repeat itself?

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Ken | כן performances in E-werk Freiburg
20th & 21st September 2024
Further information and tickets will be available soon on the website

 Ken | כן performances in FITZ Theater Stuttgart
17th, 18th & 19th October 2024
Further information and tickets will be available soon on the website

Concept, choreography & performance: Smadar Goshen
Outside Eye & Dramaturgy: Maya Caroll and Maya Weinberg
Lighting design: Omer Sheizaf
Costume: Katharina Ruprecht
Music: Leonard Küßner
Video & Animation: Remmy Canedo
Production: Lisa Ticar
Production assistance: Sophie Gisbertz
Communication: Angela Milosevic
Graphics: Evelyn Fortmeier
Video documentation: Jan Hottmann and Valentin Leuschel

Special Thanks to Sabrina Schray, Amy Josh, Lior Skoury, the Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance e.V. Stuttgart team and the Freie Tanz-und Theaterszene Stuttgart guG team.

Ken | כן is funded by the state capital Stuttgart, the Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden Württemberg e.V. with funds from the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the State of Baden-Württemberg, the Freie Tanz- und Theaterszene Stuttgart gUG, the Péter Horváth Stiftung and is supported by the Produktionszentrum Tanz und Performance Stuttgart, Residency Support | Theater Freiburg as well as the Tanzzentrale Nürnberg. A cooperation with the FITZ Theater Stuttgart and E-Werk Freiburg.

20/09/24 | E-WERK, Freiburg
21/09/24 | E-WERK, Freiburg

17/10/24 | 20:00 | FITZ Theater, Stuttgart
18/10/24 | 20:00 | FITZ Theater, Stuttgart
19/10/24 | 20:00 | FITZ Theater, Stuttgart