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In my creative path, as well as in life, I’m enchanted by nature and human beings as an integral part of it. Drawing Inspiration from natural and social phenomena I deal with the topic of non-mediated communication. I explore the many ways through which people can connect and communicate.

What fascinates me about the human body, is the high sensitivity, with which it collects information and communicates. Our capacity to experience layered, non binary reality, and the exquisite uniqueness with which each body expresses it. I never stop being amazed with how much humans are similar and diverse at the same time.


In my choreographic work I explore the capability to embody endless qualities, textures, behaviors and phenomena that occur in nature and around us. The performers body can then wonder between many different representations, such as of a human body, animalistic body, botanical body; but also male or female body, younger or older body and so on.

I dedicate my work to details and give room to different expressions through different people, bodies. My movement language presents an articulated and extensive range of physical expression, based on somatic & visceral authenticity.


A main part of my creation is the unique stage design. It is different in each piece, and is designed to create a close and direct connection between the performers and the public. My pieces are often performed in non-theatrical, or ‘flexible theatrical’ spaces.

When audience is close to the artists, not only that they can witness endless details, they can also identify with it. I believe kinetic empathy is a key for better communication and I wish for it to reverberate through all who partakes life.

Influences and collaborations

One of the things I enjoy in the medium of performance in general and dance in particular is that it bonds many art fields together. As a curious and open person I find myself intuitively inspired and influenced by musicians, textile artists, painters, dance makers, philosophers, authors and poets I’m exposed to. I’m appealed mostly to artists who reflect nature and the nature of humanity in one way or another. In my creation processes I usually collaborate with textile artists, musicians and light designers. I include them in the process from the very first step of putting together the concept so that each piece weaves it’s own universe, aesthetics and world of context.

I enjoy working with others in the studio. I love observing different people move, talk, think, tryout, try again. It excites me to see how an idea morphs when circulating between me and my collaborators. I strive when sharing my practice, or the practices of others, and exchanging knowledge. Working with my community is a channel through which I can learn and evolve. I appreciate time and am willing to invest time in whatever I’m curious about.

My making is based on and includes the movers-artists I work with. They are a strong influence on the creation processes. For this reason, my works are different than one another, and at the same time there’s a clear thread connecting them all, such as human beings.

Why Dance

As a mover I adore transformations. Dance is a live medium, In every moment it offers the option to experience the body, the surroundings, the life anew. I aspire to make movement in movement. Being the most primal common ground for all human beings, our body is the most sensitive, articulated communicator. Dance has the power to bring people together. With one another, and with all which is not them.