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Peninsula Flora

A stubborn attempt to communicate, overcoming barriers of instinctual defense mechanisms.

Peninsula Flora was created in 2020 during the first lockdown of covid-19, in Germany.

It explores the embodiment of different defense and survival mechanisms seen in nature.

In times of social isolation, when extra means of cautiousness are taken all over the world, Peninsula Flora seeks for non-mediated communication possibilities, despite of a defensive physical & mental state.

The stage set-up welcomes a group from the audience on stage. They are free to move and change their point of view during the performance. The performative scene turns into a complex eco-system evoking ongoing triggers and events with which the performers interact.

The piece unfolds rich and articulated movement language, which highlights the body as a highly sensitive communication instrument.

Peninsula Flora premiered in September 2020 in HuMBASE Stuttgart. It was supported by the Israeli fund for free-lance artists, the city of Stuttgart, Freie Tanz– und Theaterszene Stuttgart as well as the Produktionszentrum Tanz und Performance Stuttgart. 

Duration: 45 Minutes
Concept, choreography & artistic direction : Smadar Goshen
Dance : Selina Koch, Smadar Goshen
Stage set up: Lior Skoury
Original music : Matan Spenser
Textil design: Tamar Branitzky
Costume design: Laura Yoro
Video: Sabrina Schray
Pictures: Daniela Wolf & Holger Reuker