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Lucy in the Sky

Nonlinearly narrated hymn of praise to chaos and fantasy.

‘Lucy in the sky’ is a short solo-poem, driven by the chaotic, creative mind and a tendency to color mundane reality with an imaginative sparkling touch.

In her short solo, Goshen immerses herself in the many possibilities she finds in the fantasy world. As she lets her body deform and reshape under uncanny imaginative circumstances she discovers a rich range of expression.

In this research she continues to unfold her ongoing interest in the body’s capacity to express itself exquisitely and tell a non-linear narrative which is beyond the concrete time and space.

The Solo was supported by a grant from the Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg. It premiered in TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz as part of the SoloChore Stuttgart.

In the SoloDuo competition 2021 in Barnes Crossing, Cologne, it was granted the audience award.


Duration: 13 minutes
Choreography, concept & dance: Smadar Goshen
Textile design: Laura Yoro
Pictures: Guido Stuch