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PASSING is a 30 minutes walk-performance by Smadar Goshen, which corresponds with,  and reveals the hidden memorial monument of ‘Zeichen der Erinnerung’ in Stuttgart. The audience of PASSING is invited on an audio-corporal journey to an unknown destination. Guided by vocal and physical encounters the viewers are slowly exposed to stories, songs, names and visuals which commemorate the Jewish residents of Stuttgart and the area who were deported and sent to their death during the second world war. The piece is performed by 7 local dancers from the free-scene in Stuttgart. The concept is based on the history of the choreographer’s family, who were part of the Jewish community in Baden-Wuerttemberg and were partly deported from Stuttgart in 1941.

PASSING is funded by the state capital Stuttgart in the program “Kunst im öffentlichen Raum” and will be premiered as part of “Hidden Places – Stuttgart neu erzählt!”. A cooperation with the »Zeichen der Erinnerung e.V.«

27/07/24 | The location will be announced here soon.
28/07/24 | The location will be announced here soon.