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PASSING is an outdoor walk-performance by Smadar Goshen, set at the memorial monument ‘Zeichen der Erinnerung’ in Stuttgart. This 30-minute piece corresponds with the history of the Israeli-German choreographer’s family, part of the Jewish community in Baden-Württemberg until their 1941 deportation to Riga.

The performance begins with a calm voice welcoming the audience through headphones, as they embark on a 25-minute walk from Pragfriedhof Station to ‘Zeichen der Erinnerung.’ Along the way, it offers reflections on legacy, family history, belonging, and the concept of ‘home’.

Goshen, who relocated from Israel to Stuttgart, discovered her great grandmother’s name on the memorial wall of ‘Zeichen der Erinnerung’ by chance. Three years later, she questions whether her move was fated or coincidental.

PASSING reveals her findings and the gaps in her family history, bringing to life stories of Stuttgart’s 1930s-1940s Jewish community. These narratives, shared via voiceover, are complemented by six dancers who express what words cannot.

The walk ends at ‘Zeichen der Erinnerung,’ inviting participants to explore the monument.
Participation is free of charge.
Donations are welcome and will be contributed towards the monument’s upkeep and further research.

Concept & choreography: Smadar Goshen
Performance: Johannes Blattner, Fabienne Deesker, Bar Gonen, Martina Gunkel, Selina Koch, Francisco Ladrón de Guevara Rodríguez
Research & Dramaturgy: Kathrin Hildebrand
Music: All night long I cried by Zelda Mishkovsky
Sound engineering: Oliver Cordes
Production: Lisa Ticar
Production assistance: Christine Koschel
Communication: Angela Milosevic

Saturday & Sunday, 27th & 28th July 2024, two performances each day at 3 pm and 5 pm.
The starting point of the walk performance is in the inner courtyard of the
St. Georg church (Heilbronner Str. 131, 70191 Stuttgart)
Admission free. Please register in advance – tickets are limited.

Please use the following links to get to the respective registration page:

Registration for Walk-Performance No.1 on 27th July 2024 at 3 pm

Registration for Walk-Performance No.2 on 27th July 2024 at 5 pm

Registration for Walk-Performance No.1 on 28th July 2024 at 3 pm

Registration for Walk-Performance No.2 on 28th July 2024 at 5 pm

PASSING is funded by the state capital Stuttgart in the program “Kunst im öffentlichen Raum” and will be premiered as part of “Hidden Places – Stuttgart neu erzählt!”. A cooperation with the »Zeichen der Erinnerung e.V.« and Evangelischen Bildungszentrum Hospitalhof Stuttgart.

27/07/24 | two performances at 3 pm and 5 pm.
28/07/24 | two performances at 3 pm and 5 pm.