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Commission work for Choreolab, Ulm. A piece is inspired by the absurd attempt of humankind to conquer outer space.

Moono is a commission work created for ‘Choreolab – Made in Ulm’ 2021 by Tanz.Labor, Roxy. As a response to the topic of Choreolab 2021, ‘Higher’, Moono is inspired by the absurd attempt of humankind to conquer outer space.

It deals with the potential tragedy hidden in any breakthrough. The slight chance for a catastrophe shadowing over a thrill, yet driving strong forces into actions. The piece raises questions about the social constructed conception of success and the glorification of sacrifice for power and progression.

Tanz.Labor about the project: “ChoreoLab 2021 is inspired by the human striving for higher things – hence the title “Higher!”

ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm commissions international dance makers to create and premiere a new work in 35 hours. Choreolab nurtures and cultivates international dance makers and artists to be, create and perform works inspired by Ulm. The residency initiates and cultivates an open conversation between dance makers, artists, dance lovers and the public. This allows more understanding and insight of dance, allowing us to strengthen the social fabric through art and international cultural exchange. ⁠ ‘ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm’ is created by @movingrhizomes and made possible thanks to the collaboration and support from @tanzlabor.ulm @roxy.ulm⁠,, Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg eV. and TakeAction, Neustartkultur.”

Duration: 18 minutes
Choreography & concept: Smadar Goshen
Artistic direction: Pablo San Salvador
Chorographer assistance: Mar Rodriguez Valverde
Dance: Tanit Cobas, Anna Raiola, Carlos Roncero and Adrian Ros
Pictures: Guido Stuch
Video: Pippa Samaya